WEALLNET is a social media network featuring Entertainment, News, Messaging and Deals; A daily contents platform that inspires creativity, knowledge and moments to enrich our life fuller.

Nowadays, smart devices are beyond our communication needs! How would the interactive experience on mobile change if entertainment, news, messaging, shopping plus “Watch With Friends” were all seamlessly integrated in a single app?

With WEALLNET, you can now experience all of these features on one screen! Your devices will be organized and storages worry-less. You will have more time to interact and enjoy, instead of having to open and switch between different apps continuously.


NOW, users can watch movies, videos and listen to music while texting and commenting with friends about occurring events! thanks to our drag-and-drop design function to meet the demand of experiences without interruption. Our "Watch With Friends" feature - closing social space and distance, users can enjoy entertainment with friends and family anywhere, anytime!

Secondly, WEALLNET is a platform that synchronize all verified and reliable news sources, embedded with technology to personalize latest and trendy events to readers. With integrated news network, users can choose their favorite newspapers without open too many apps!

Moreover, our useful messaging system where users can connect and chit-chat, make friends, discuss the usual businesses, share events and contents instantly right in one unique screen!

Not stopping there! WEALLNET is also a reliable, convenient online shopping channel with trustworthy wholesaler and retailer partners. Users can safely hunt, buy, exchange or share with friends intriguing goods.


Diverse in features but unique in actions, rich in contents and multilingual!

Friendly interface with various themes, drag-and-drop functionality and “Watch With Friends” are just some of the highlights!

A vision of open social creativity network with all creators, WEALLNET hopes to bring a clean, healthy and safety platform that fulfils the need of interaction, knowledge and moments across cultures and geographies.