WEALLNET is the only app you’ll ever need. We provide all your daily and creative content carefully curated, and personalized that’s distributed in one place. It’s your all-in-one platform that comprehensively combines the best and latest news – exclusive KOL and Creator entertainment, a safe and secure chat and hot promotional deals, all at the touch of your finger-tips.

Simplify your digital life and experience all your favorite features on one screen. You can also keep storage spaces optimized and your devices neat and organized. Best of all, our seamless experience means there’s more time to interact, instead of continuously switching between different apps.


Imagine if could watch all your favorite movies, see the hottest, trending videos and listen to the latest tunes all while texting and commenting with multiple mates at the same time.

Well now you can! Our drag-and-drop design function ensures a seamless experience without interruption. "Watch With Friends" and family anytime anywhere!

Through the use of our proprietary software, WEALLNET can synchronize all verified and reliable news sources, and personalize the latest trending topics to our users. Our integrated news network, allows users to choose their favorite news source without opening a slew of apps.

Our secure messenger system lets users connect, chat, and make new friends, and even share events and contents instantly on one screen!

Best of all, we have a convenient online shopping channel with reliable and trustworthy wholesaler and retailer partners. This ensures users can shop safely to buy, exchange and share goods with friends.


Our unique all-in-one creative platform is diverse in features and distinctly unique in actions:

  • Multilingual quality content from hundreds of the best publishers and creator networks.
  • User friendly interface with various themes.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Watch with friends.
  • Mini e-commerce platform.
  • Safe and secure messenger service.

WEALLNET was founded with the aim to drive Vietnam forward by creating creative empowerment for everyone. We are passionate and fully committed to providing a clean, healthy and all-in-one safe platform that allows users to engage, interact and stay up to date with the latest knowledge and trends traversing cultures and geographies.