Social media network is a fast-paced environment, ideas move quickly and continuously in high-pressure situations without much time in between. A perfect challenge for anyone whose wants to contribute your skills and talents with vision to be growth as the strongest mentality candidate!

Local, international & friendly working environment with professional experts, honest and opened-minded colleagues that make you the most creative power!

Many opportunities for professional and personal growth by being approached with latest technologies and visionary within our company’s cultures!



  • Develop mobile applications to integrate with server side logic.
  • Work in a team environment with shared code; disciplined use of source code control and process documentation.
  • Solve technical problems.
  • Support teammates to solve problems.


  • Strong proficiency with JavaScript.
  • At least 2 years of experience in React Native, Redux, Redux-Saga, ES6.
  • Experience work with native module (Android/iOS).
  • Release applications to Apple Store and Play Store.
  • Experience with GIT source control, Agile process.
  • Good at working independently and team working skills.
  • Native platform knowledge (iOS or Android) or used to write native modules for react app.
  • Web development with ReactJS.
  • MUST be good at English communication.
  • In love with social media, news, digital communication, e-commerce and payment.
  • Other tasks if required.


  • Experience with NodeJS and frameworks like ExpressJS or Sails.js or Nestjs.
  • Experience with MySQL / Postgres, Redis, MongoDB (RabbitMQ & Kafka).
  • Knowledge OOP, RESTful, Microservices, Design Patterns (GraphQL is plus).
  • Knowing how to use Source Version Control/CI/CD. (Github and Travis/Jenkins).
  • Knowing distributed system, microservices is a plus.
  • Eager to resolve your repetitive tasks on time, teamwork & vision for products.
  • Being keen on new technologies and high accuracy in working.
  • Experience with one of this field: video player, live streaming, messenger, e-commerces.
  • In love with social media, news, digital communication, e-commerce and payment.
  • Other tasks if required.


  • Work closely and manage team members (software engineers, research engineers, deisngers, data engineers, etc).
  • Participate in feature design, product roadmap development, experiment design, board brain-storm and execution.
  • Write and explanation user stories, specs and workspaces.
  • Represent team to help engineers understand every single detail of each technical product feature.
  • Own product release schedule, work closely with engineers team to make sure that every release is high quality and timely.
  • Collaborate within team to prepare for public release and gather feedback.
  • Attitude: self-motivated, driven, responsible, detail-oriented.
  • Computer Science, Mathematics, algorithms with hands-on software engineering experience.
  • 4+ years’ experience of delivery highly successful and innovative Internet products at large scale; including experience in an operational service delivery capacity.
  • Communication skills is a must.
  • Experience working within a distributed cross development team network.
  • In love with social media, news, digital communication, e-commerce and payment.
  • Other tasks if required.


  • Passion about technology development, constantly seeking, researching to learn and improving.
  • Understand and analyze the requirements/stories clearly.
  • Focusing on implementing components, context, hooks, functions.
  • Breath in of new trends and best practices in development and design.
  • Follow the development process strictly.
  • Implement features/fix bugs as assignments.
  • Background with any coding languages.
  • Proficiency in understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues.
  • Up-to-date experience with protocols, standards, and technologies.
  • Having an experience in algorithm is a plus.
  • In love with social media, news, digital communication, e-commerce and payment.
  • Other tasks if required.


  • Develop, maintain, and execute manual or automation test cases for products.
  • Work closely with the development team to execute testing strategies.
  • Prepare test documentation and review with the development team.
  • Coordinate with different teams to perform integration or interface testing between multiple platforms and environments.
  • Identify, analyze, and report the test results.
  • Report, track, and monitor defects in system.
  • At least 1 year of experience.
  • Experience in creating test plan, test case (test scenario), test design, and related test documents.
  • Familiar with executing System Test, Integration Test, Functional and Non-Functional tests.
  • In love with research and understand social media, news, digital communication and e-commerce.
  • Having knowledge and experience in at least 1 programing language and framework.
  • Prepares quality reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing data.
  • In love with social media, news, digital communication, e-commerce and payment.
  • Other tasks if required.


  • 3+ years experience as an UI/UX Designer.
  • Familiar with Design System, Flat Design, Material Design.
  • Experience with adobe products, Sketch tool, figma.
  • Proficient in various design techniques such as wireframing, sketching, prototyping, development of UI assets.
  • Strong visual design skills from concept to pixel perfect screen mockups.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Ability to coach and mentor those around you to make everyone a better designer.
  • Very positive optimistic attitude.
  • Work closely with project owners and project teams to propose new solutions to complex usercentered design problems and complete the mockup.
  • Create concept visual solution or framework and pitch to product and tech team from historical, design, business and competitive standpoint.
  • Follow DEV sprint framework to deliver on time for developers to start on implementation.
  • Follow and improve design process: brief, wireframe, concept, variations, and deliverables.
  • Design UI/UX for Mobile Apps, Webapp and Websites for product.
  • Collaborate with front-end developers to create professional and UX-optimized products.
  • Production of custom UI assets as required by the development team.
  • Maintain company products style guide.
  • In love with social media, news, digital communication, e-commerce and payment.
  • Other tasks if required.


  • Expertise with a variety of industry-centered research methods, such as social, digital, individual, contextual inquiries, usability studies, diary studies, and unmoderated remote studies. Ability to effectively create screening criteria, recruit participants, builds rapport, and moderate studies.
  • Previous experience applying these methods directly to an industry product development process is required.
  • Experience managing relationships and leading projects through the full research lifecycle from planning through execution to insight delivery.
  • Experience producing impactful, high-quality research that shapes product decisions.
  • Background in sociology, applied anthropology, social psychology, design research or related fields.
  • You can teach us something new! We love to hire people who are way more knowledgeable than us and can be good teachers and mentors.
  • 1-7 years experienced.
  • In love with social media, news, digital communication, e-commerce and payment.
  • Other tasks if required.


  • Create compositions mixing existing texts, images and official packs of app, and design static and animated banners and interstitials in different formats and sizes, making sure that all the delivered assets respect the specifications and guides provided Produce high-quality interface assets.
  • Analyze the user experience and propose improvements.
  • Performing graphical work assigned by producers, delegate work to your team members.
  • Love to research, well experienced with social online media.
  • Give necessary training and guidance to junior artists in your team Contribution in Management - Actively following up, able to detect consistency issues, and presents solutions.
  • Thorough and organized, allowing you to work with goals and to see a project through to its end within given deadlines.
  • Good understanding in style guidelines, user experience, design process and creative workflow.
  • Work closely with Head of creative and other designers.
  • In love with social media, news, digital communication, e-commerce and payment.
  • Other tasks if required.


  • Develop, research, expand and execute partnership strategies.
  • Identify, prioritize and promote partner opportunities; Grow and develop publishers’ accounts strategically.
  • Collaborate with product development team to meet partner’s expectation.
  • BA/BS degree or equivalent practical experience.
  • Industry experience in online media, publishers, digital marketing and advertising.
  • Ability to structure, analyzes, and solves complex business problems, as well as delivers impact against concrete business goals.
  • Experience in partner/client relationship-building; demonstrated ability to acquire and negotiate with new partners/clients.
  • Experience with love in social media, advertising, e-commerce, publishing, and trending guru.
  • 2-8 years of experience in field.
  • Other tasks if required.


  • Oversee public communication activities.
  • Manage distribution of marketing materials.
  • Work with partners to ensure compliance of all marketing materials on their channels.
  • Identify, build, and grow strategic, community-driven partnership.


  • Design, implement, execute, analyze and optimize SEO, social, search and campaigns.
  • Maintain relevant activities on all channels from offline to online.
  • Work with creative team to test and integrate new strategy.
  • Report KPI of work on basic.


  • Previous marketing or user acquisition and growth experience with digital mobile products.
  • Experienced in leading and executing solutions marketing strategies and plans including building a market-driven business case, creating compelling messaging materials, developing and executing marketing and launch plans.
  • Hands on experience with all marketing tools.
  • Comfortable designing and executing on social media platforms.
  • Experience developing a range of marketing materials/content for platforms.


  • A passion for build, bring to market, and scale digital products and services.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit to help us shape our growth initiatives and company.
  • Ability to think strategically and creatively: analyze, synthesize, recommend and take actions.
  • Expert communication, presentation, and material preparation skills required.
  • A passion for growth marketing and driving customer adoption.
  • In love with social media, news, digital communication, e-commerce and payment
  • Other tasks if required.


  • Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or a related field.


  • Responsible for executing social media plans.
  • Develop and implement creative social media strategy to align with marketing strategies.
  • Manage daily implementation and optimization social media plan to drive awareness, engagement and consideration for brand across social channels.
  • Up to date and in love with researching for general trends in the online media, news, digital communication and performance on social networks.
  • Analyze the engagement by week/ month for reporting and learning.
  • Responsible for daily reports, presenting findings, results and recommendations from campaigns and target groups analysis.
  • Provide reports on Social metrics and continue to optimize, make recommendations on how to improve on those metrics.
  • In love with social media, news, digital communication, e-commerce and payment.
  • Other tasks if required.


  • Social Media Strategy - ideate and execute operational social media strategy, build up community on networks.
  • Content Creation - craft copy and utilize design tools such as Adobe CS and PPT to produce assets and pitch materials including presentations and podcast shows.
  • Marketing Campaign Success - conduct analysis on KPI metrics.
  • At least 3 years of experience managing strategy for social media accounts.
  • Hands-on skills in creating and producing content.
  • In love with social media, news, digital communication, e-commerce and payment.
  • Other tasks if required.


  • Produce monthly consolidated financial statements following the Vietnam Accounting Standards:
    • Follow up on daily cashflow, produce the reports and reconcile the bank’s statement.
    • Prepare balance sheet, and profit and loss statement.
  • Control bank payments and perform monthly bank reconciliation.
  • Plan the monthly expenses (administration cost, internet, rent, etc...).
  • Draft documents, contracts, and quotations when needed.
  • Monitor all the cash flow between cash on hand, bank statements, debts, fixed assets, tools and supplies.
  • Review reports to analyze projections of sales and profit against actual figures, budgeted expenses against final totals, and suggests areas of improvement.
  • Assist the director to pinpoint opportunities and areas that need to be reorganized.
  • Preserve and store the accounting documents, confidential documents and accounting data of the company.
  • Develop procedures and forms for process accounting, payment and settlement.
  • List the receivables and payables. Make payment requests to settle all outstanding bills.
  • Process payroll.
  • In love with social media, news, digital communication, e-commerce and payment.
  • Other tasks if required.


  • Legal Manager will be in charge of managing & advising all information relation to legal issue, reviewing contracts, support internal departments to resolve daily legal issue.


  • Reviewing internal and external contracts that the company engages, to make sure the compliance with Vietnamese regulations as well as internal policies of the Company.
  • Providing legal research and advice for the operation of the company in respect of Vietnam law.
  • Communication and Policy Interpretation. Make sure that a company is conducting its business in full compliance with all laws and regulations.
  • Supporting internal departments to resolve daily legal issue.
  • Updating government policies relating to the company business functions.
  • Prepare documents and procurement to get licensing (ERC, IRC, IP registration) for the company and all its branches, subsidiaries.
  • Manage all legal disputes of the company. Prepare and review documents, provide legal advice for all the litigation of the company. On behalf of the company take part in to resolve the litigation at the Vietnamese Court or Arbitration.
  • In love with social media, news, digital communication, e-commerce and payment.
  • Other tasks if required.


  • Develop and monitor overall HR strategies, systems, tactics and procedures across the organization.
  • Oversee and manage a performance appraisal system that drives high performance.
  • Nurture a positive, energetic and professional working environment.
  • Develop and implement HR strategies and initiatives aligned with the overall business strategy.
  • Develop corporate plans and schemes for a variety of HR matters such as compensation, benefits, incentive schemes, health and safety, etc.… to improve staff morale and retention for internal equity.
  • Manage the recruitment and selection process.
  • Recruit, train, motivate and retain manpower in accordance to growth requirement of manpower plan.
  • Support and suggest improvements to the entire recruitment process. Host in-house recruitment events, organize learning and development programs.
  • Concurrently plan and develop required strategic plan within HR scope to strengthen the company HR competencies while comply with labor regulations.
  • Observe prescribed standards effectively when handling all forms of staff issues.
  • Serve as the point of contact for employment relations and communicate with labor unions to promote a fair and transparent working environment.
  • Deal with grievances and violations invoking disciplinary action when required.
  • Bridge management and employee relations by addressing demands, grievances or other issues.
  • Report to management and provide decision support through HR metrics.
  • Lastly, Understand and fall in love with Social media, news and online shopping.
  • In love with social media, news, digital communication, e-commerce and payment.
  • Other tasks if required.


  • Salary mapping with performance and productivity; Review semi-annually by company.
  • The 13th salary, company trip and other attractive HR benefits.
  • Technical skills & mindset cross-work will improve your tech knowledges.
  • Socialize interactions sponsored by company for health improvement, teamwork.


  • You will be trained for sub language/skills where you will be master of at least two or more technical/soft skills.
  • You have many chances to join seminars, events and network inside/outside company.
  • You will be higher value contributor with stable career on dynamic promotion & job opportunities.

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